Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buku Mengenai Folk Art Paintings!

Hai English Decor Loverz!

Hari ni saya dan suami sakan mencari buku2 mengenai Folk Art dan paintings ni. Well, suami saya cari buku pasal pengurusan kewangan, tapi saya yang cari buku pasal paintings ni..So cari punya cari, dapat la buku2 yang saya idamkan untuk mula belajar sedikit sebanyak mengenai folkart paintings ni..

Walaupun harganya agak mahal, namun saya beli juga.. Sebab ilmu itu lebih penting untuk saya. Ilmu itu akan digunakan sampai bila2 kan..xyah kedekut benor ler kata suami saya~
Nasib baik dia understanding, lalu membelanja saya buku2 tersebut2..huhuhu...(boleh kurangkan tax juga katanya =p)

So inilah buku2 yang saya cakapkan..And kalau you all nak jugak buku2 ni, saya juga boleh beli dengan harga yang murah untuk korang semua..maklumlah, beli banyak2 terus dapat membership card.. =p

So apa lagi? Boleh la order sekarang ek.. Harga yang tertera TIDAK TERMASUK kos penghantaran yer =)

P/s: Buku Lukisan Dekoratif oleh Kak Aniza, Kak Norana dan Kak Zaiton pon saya beli jugak, tapi yang tu saya TIDAK DIJUAL yer...untuk kegunaan sendiri...sangat bagus sebab dia menggunakan Bahasa Melayu =)

Donna Dewberry's : Quick & Easy Murals
(USD 24.95 @ RM 83)

In her book on "quick and easy" murals, Dewberry presents projects that can be done in as little as a single day, starting with six colorful floral borders, then helping readers cumulatively develop skills with four step-by-step wall murals. From classical columns to picket fences, trees and birdbaths, these paintings dramatically change a room, transforming it into its own landscape. With an eye to the practical, Dewberry provides a final chapter with tips on developing a muraling business.

Learn how to create a variety of pretty wall murals, decorative borders and wall treatments that are so easy most can be painted in a day! Donna Dewberry provides all the information readers need-everything from getting started and choosing supplies to mastering basic techniques.

Karen Embry : Decorative Painting for Home & Garden
(USD 24.95 @ RM 83)

It's easy to add a pinch of panache to any d├ęcor with these unique and gorgeous painted designs for chairs, benches, shelves, even pillows. Just transfer the patterns to the furniture, follow the color placement instructions and detailed worksheets, add shadows and highlights as explained, and you have a beautiful piece that would have cost a fortune in a retail store. Decorate a drop-leaf table with colorful fruits of the season: purple grapes, golden pears, luscious peaches, and ripe red apples. An old flea market chair becomes worthy of royalty when given a fun "Queen of Hearts" motif. Or try the Fairest of Them All Mirror, Le Jardin Twig Footstool, Just for Her Cabinet, and other fabulous patterns.

Karen Howell Embry is an artist, designer, teacher, and author. She has been teaching painting for almost 20 years and has a decorative painting business. Karen has written several decorative painting books and many of her projects have been published in multi-author books and magazines. She is a member of the Society of Craft Designers (SCD), Society of Decorative Painters (SDP), Stencil Artisans League (SALI), Hobby Industry Association (HIA), and Association of Craft and Creative Industries (ACCI).

Priscilla Hauser's : Book Of Painting Patterns (USD 24.95 @ RM 83)

The only recourse to expensive home accessories, whether Jay Strongwater's picture frames or antique folk-art trunks? Follow Hauser's path, as her sixth book offers more than 10 painted patterns to copy. Often nicknamed the First Lady of Decorating Painting, she attacks the actual art with gusto, including a minimal number of pages on basics (for instance, paint, brushes, equipment, and a few techniques). Her attention turns to dozens of full-color, full-page illustrations, ready to transfer; sections that feature flowers, fruit and vegetables, animals, and other things of nature; and the popular "a little something extra" (also known as border art and Christmas season visuals). No directions hamper the pictorial parade; a couple of finished pieces--a suitcase, a picture frame--are inserted within the patterns. For those with a good handle on decorative painting.

The acknowledged queen of decorative painting has a gift for those who love to pick up the brush: more than 200 of her most striking patterns. These are the most popular designs among Priscilla Hauser’s many students, and they include florals, fruit, folk art, garden motifs, baskets and other containers, animals, and holiday ideas. It’s a goldmine…and there’s still more, because Priscilla supplies plenty of information on using and transferring the patterns; choosing supplies; and
mastering such techniques as shading and highlighting, blending, changing colors, and finishing the piece. She also covers preparing and painting on different surfaces, from glass and fabric to wood and metal. Finally, each pattern is painted by Priscilla in color, to inspire fellow painters.

Priscilla Hauser's : Painted Furniture
(USD 17.95 @ RM 60)

The “First Lady of Decorative Painting” has taught more than a million people around the world the pleasures of creative painting. Now she shows you how to turn ordinary furniture into extraordinary works of decorative art. Regardless of skill level, anyone can become a more accomplished painter, simply by following her instructions. Among the projects included are a British Colonial Palm Tree Chair, a Rose Covered Desk, Geranium Round Table, a Dragonfly Magazine rack, and seven more beautiful and fun items.


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